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Port Coquitlam, BC
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More like extortion
It's only extortion if you've done nothing wrong. The ??AA are sleezy people and I can't condone them for their lawsuit-happy actions. But realistically, how many of those 35k people they've gone after really are truly innocent (either through "mistaken identity" or from someone using their connection without consent [e.g. open access point])?
1 to 5% tops might be innocent.
Bankrupting 1-5% of families, or trying to, is too much IMO

Piracy is rampart on the internet, but suing people, or dissconecting them isnt the way to fix it. They should look at other delivery methods instead of $15 a CD where 1 song is good, some companies have done this... non DRM music (I believe apple is doing it now too) and it's working well for them.

There will ALWAYS be pirates - Just like there will always be store thefts. But I don't see Walmart grabbing people someone pointed out, and randomly suing them claiming their infringing, when in reality with all the open WiFis, Tor clients, and even just false positives... a lot of the people who are innocent are getting accused.

Canada has a Piracy CD tax - Maybe if they stopped treating EVERYONE like pirates, people wouldnt resort to it so much. I personally download all my music, and support artists Via concert/T-shirt sales - Rather support the bands I like, giving them a few bucks per sale, instead of 5 cents per CD, and the rest to fund mass lawsuits.