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San Luis Obispo, CA
reply to ross7

Re: Andrew Cuomo is just like spitzer

said by ross7:

said by pnh102:

said by ross7:

[Cuomo]'s just pandering to the Christian right "law and order" crowd ...
Does that crowd even exist in a large enough number in New York State to help someone out politically? Personally I don't think this is the case.
Sorry, I thought it illustrative of the conservative mindset of those "eye for an eye" Christian folks who believe mandatory sentencing, "three strikes, you're out", and capital punishment are not only necessary and desirable, but morally and ethically correct. They are also the first to proffer "the end justifies the means" argument as rationalization for torture. Their numbers are legion, and they are absolutely necessary for politicos like Cuomo to exist. The frightened herd needs a good shepherd, and Cuomo is just reinforcing their FUD to further his ambitions. As I said, the path to the governors office is usually through the prosecutorial side of the justice system.

There is a reason the U.S. incarcerates more people than any other country in the world...and it doesn't have much to do with justice!
As a Christian, I take great offense in finding such attitudes and generalizations towards other people.

I try not to wish my beliefs on others, always weighing what I do and how it will affect non-believers. I try to think of things in a neutral way based on majority common sense, moral, and ethical guidelines. Do I want to be known as the pushy arrogant Christian? I avoid groupthink and push myself to be independent.

I am a strong believer in the ends do NOT justify the means. Such beliefs erode our civil liberties, which is why I don't support things such as censorship, torture, and illegal wiretapping. Heck, civil liberties alone is the only thing protecting my beliefs (both religious and political). You have to be in mind of the future. Do you really want a future where all these things are laced into the most common actions? Do you want to live in fear of being arrested for doing the most mundane common thing?

I would love it if hypocrites such as Cuomo are booted out of office and tried for treason, but sadly, the masses are indeed sheep and think anything for the children or to protect them from terrorists are a good idea. I stand in the minority.

I wish that you would reconsider all religious beliefs to be FUD, because it's not. Certainly this is true for some extreme organizations whose sole focus is on money, power, and greed, but is not an absolute all.
What happens when you combine common sense and an outspoken personality?