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Big Dawg 23

Northfield, MN

Other Cities will watch this

I live in Northfield, MN and they are looking to install a Fiber Network as well. They have received a large grant to from Bland Foundation to do a feasibility study. Shortly after the meeting November 6th I received a call and was asked to take a survey. In the survey they are looking at maybe doing all services(internet, phone and tv).

Currently Qwest and Charter service the area. Qwest only offers 1.5MB and Charter offers 16MB. They said in the survey the plan is to start at 50MB and want to know if it was 20% cheaper would I switch. If they were to deploy fiber and at the same cost as Charter I would move for speed alone. Charter has been great for my Internet needs with little to no down time and always getting my speeds. Yes this is far different for a lot other areas Charter services.