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Long Beach, CA
reply to Harrie

Re: Your Dekalb Farmers Market

My favorite place for food shopping! I have been going there for 20 years (man, do I sound old now!) I was just there this afternoon, and it was a complete zoo! I usually park my cart somewhere on the side and just run around and pick up stuff. Thanksgiving through New Years is probably the busiest time to go there - lots of occasional and first time Farmers Market shoppers and tourists which clogs things up.
I would recommend going when they open at 9am Saturday or Sunday - much easier to get around. On the downside, not all of the bakery stuff is available first thing in the morning.
As far as favorite items - You can't go wrong with the spices, fresh and great price. If you are used to the grocery store spices, you might have to use less with the fresher Farmers Market spices (learned that the hard way with Cayenne pepper...). Also love the Bell & Evans chicken. With all the exotic stuff they have, it seems odd to point out the chicken, but it is good! Check out the olives and deli salads (try the salads at the cafeteria, then buy them if you like them). Good coffee section with descriptions of the different types. I usually get the fresh peanut butter - just peanuts, no added oil or preservatives. Interesting little kitchen gadget section next to the coffee. Good prices on Microplane graters. Good place to buy Lindt chocolate - I figure they sell enough of the stuff that their inventory is fresher than other places. Interesting beer and wine selection (not on Sunday though. And of course fruit and vegetables - fresher, better and cheaper than anywhere else..

And my usual advice for anybody who hasn't been there: You have to bring in your cart from the parking lot; cash, check and debit card only; the place is COLD all year round, bring a jacket; if you don't know what some of the more unusual items are, ask the people who are buying them, I find they will be glad to tell you what it is and how to prepare it...