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Windsor, ON

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windsor ontario isp alternatives

can anyone recommend an alternative in windsor, on for cable internet, instead of cogeco?

i've searched the forums here, seeing mostly dsl isp's for my area.

anyway, its the bandwidth cap that is my issue. i keep running out and i get those bandwidth warnings usually near the end of the month with a couple of days to spare

i currently have the soho lite business package - (20up/100down - 120gb cap) - got it before they upped the price to $54.95 before taxes - i've had it a few years now - so i'm only paying around $52 bucks/month after taxes

i should add that as far as price goes - i'm hoping to keep the same monthly fee - but if the right service comes to mind that meets my needs - i'd seriously consider paying more (thinking i will have to anyway if i want more bandwidth)

the speeds are fine, the reliability is fine. i was looking into dsl, but dont like what i see for my area as far as bandwidth options go..

another reason why i dont like dsl - i couldnt get bell working back in the day at my place - and bell wasn't able to help get it going. so if i were to go that route (dsl) - i have serious doubts it will work smoothly.

i was considering teksavvy initially, but then read alot about throttling in relation to bell phone lines

i talked to cogeco reps and they wont offer me a package for business that will just increase my bandwidth limit, they tell me i've gotta pick from one of their pre-set packages that come with speed and cap incraeses.

next best thing is 200gb and increased speeds (which i don't need) and that's around $89.99/month + tax, i believe.

any thoughts related to this would be appreciated. looking like i'll just deal with what i got for now.. but just wanted to get some opinions.

only isp i've ever had is cogeco from day 1. about 7-8 years now.

Peterborough, ON
MNSI comes to mind for their website and information - in many areas they are colocated so no throttling but you would have to confirm that info with them...
Nexicom High Speed Internet - »


Windsor, ON
yeah i've looked at them, but as i've stated above - i'm looking for cable internet alternatives to cogeco in windsor


Montreal, QC

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reply to markma
» ··· rch&p=ON you can go there to know the alternative.

I did look into it and for cable there's only 2 cable company but they have cap to 20 download and 10 upload.


Windsor, ON
alright thanks for the heads up


Montreal, QC
reply to markma
Your welcome