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[General] Red light blinking on linksys pap2 ata

My linksys pap2 ata displays red light in the power led only after few hours of use.

From Mazilo
Lilburn, GA
said by acearchy :

My linksys pap2 ata displays red light in the power led only after few hours of use.
What happens if you power cycle to this PAP2? Will it still work or stay remain with RED light on its power LED?


reply to acearchy
i have the same problem this pap2 device has been working for a year - I am not sure how this problem happend. I had another pap2 which I started using now. It seems it may be power related issue

You cannot get the IVR **** or reset the device
Power led -> RED
Ethernet led -> Blue (although cable is disconnected)
Phone 1 -> not lit (although the phone is connected to this port)
Phone 2 -> not lit (as expected)

Any one know a fix?


Ogdensburg, NY
reply to acearchy
I believe it's dead. Got two PAP2 with red light too. Can access IVR neither because no power in phone port.

There is recover tool for Sipura product but nothing for Linksys.


Scarborough, ON
·Rogers Hi-Speed
reply to acearchy
I'm curious, were any of these bought off eBay from sellers in China/Hong Kong ?
I've seen several units with the same behaviour and as far as I can tell, they all have the same issue: they were unlocked by cloning the flash memory and the person who did it did a crappy job when they soldered the flash chip back. The result is that one or more pins don't make a firm connection to the PCB, and it gets disconnected after using the adapter for some time (probably due to heat, shocks, etc.)
I've been able to fix one of these once, using a soldering iron with a very fine tip, by applying heat/pressure to each pin of the flash (all done under a powerful magnifying lens). Of course, given my soldering abilities and patience (or lack of them, rather) I would say I was really lucky. Of course, I tried to do it again with other adapters and I only managed to break them even worse.


Simpsonville, SC
reply to acearchy
If the power light is red, this would indicate a malfunction with router's Power On Self Test (not bootable). This would usually occur right from when first powering on the pap2.