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Baltimore, MD

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Advanced Zyxel Modem Interface-Get A Mac OS Optimizer Widget

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Advanced Status page - RSSI, CINR at bottom left, refresh rate at top right
Some of us poor sods can't use the optimizer widget that we're supposed to use to optimally set the modem's placement for less noise and interference because we run Mac OS - not Windows. The optimizer widget (based on AdobeAir "flash" technology) doesn't work.

So here is how to access the advanced Zyxel MAX-206M2 WiMAX Modem web setup interface and use the advanced status page to get the same info that widget gets in Windows. Mac people, liberated... again. CAUTION: MESS WITH THESE SETTINGS AT YOUR OWN RISK! I had to reset the modem a couple of times when toying with it (particularly the NAT, UPnP and DHCP settings), so be forewarned. Just looking at the interface to do these info readings won't hurt at all though....

Before we state, and since folk banter about these terms like we all know what they mean what is RSSI and CINR anyway?

RSSI defined (Received Signal Strength Indication): »en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Received_S···dication

CINR defined (Carrier to Interference-plus-Noise Ratio):

OK, now to access the advanced set-up web pages of the modem follow these super simple steps:

1. Login to the modem using "user" and your password (remember the default password is "1234" if you reset the modem ever)

2. The default web address that appears is this:


3. Remove the "1" from the address bar address

Hit "Enter"

this brings you to the advanced interface page.

4. Look in the left-hand side menu and click on "Advanced"

The menu opens down:

Click on "Status" and the modem status page is revealed

Now, at the top right of this page you can set the refresh of the page so you can use it, albeit less than perfectly perhaps, as an "optimizer widget" interface by increasing the refresh rate.

The RSSI and CINR numbers are located at the bottom left - remember "higher numbers" are better (that means "lower negatives" remember).

Hope this helps folks get better set-ups and hope that Sprint/Clearair, whoever, doesn't forget mac folk in the future...



Thanks for the tip. I'm currently getting

RSSI = -67
CINR = 31