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[ALL] what to post before complaining about slow speeds...?

i would like to propose that we have a permanent sticky at the top of this forum in addition to the "authorized support staff".

many people come on to this forum seeking help from their slow speeds on cox hsi. so often we are repeating the same stuff to the users (usually anons). while its great for the post count, i feel that more productive things can be done rather than stepping nearly every person through the same process. obviously, people *aren't* reading previous threads to know what to post, because they are asking for help without giving any of the required details.

i would like to propose a list at the top (as a sticky thread, perhaps?) that lists out the items a user should post before ranting about how their cox hsi sucks and they should be compensated.

at this point, i have come up with the following list:

• make and model of cable modem
• make a model of router
• cox speed tier
• signal levels from » at several intervals during the day, especially as the slowness is occurring
• if they have splitters and if the cable modem has been plugged into a line directly from the wall (bypassing all splitters and surge protectors)
• several speed tests to various locations close to where they reside (if applicable, »test.lvcm.com)
• smokeping results or pingplotter output to various sites that they perceive packet loss to (if applicable)
• has the user tweaked (»/tweaks)
• direct the user to post the symptoms here, but refer them to local support based on the thread »[ALL] Cox Forum Support Authorized
• are you connected wired or wireless?
• have you tested speeds bypassing router?
• are other services such as phone or tv affected?
• need the MAC address of your modem while not at home? Go to the Cox home page for your area (»www.cox.net and enter your zip), my account, internet tools, manage computers

if any other user has any suggestions, i would be more than happy to see them added to this thread. maybe our mod ( BBR_InsUW See Profile) will take notice and have this moved as a sticky, or some sort of sticky can be created from a combination of this and any other suggestions received.

i just feel that we're repeating the same stuff over and over again.

those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it...