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Can you do Blu?
Hercules, CA

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Split from DOCSIS 3.0 thread - more bandwidth limits

Belongs here ---> »The Bandwidth Limits/Congestion Management Topic

said by Chris 313:

said by kenshell:

I was wondering about the caps.
Is that 250GB in place for the 30/5 and 50/10 tier?

said by data129:

Great speed, ok price but why do you want to have that speed and pay that price if comcast caps you 250GB a month?
Until it's actually been stated, the 250GB cap is in place on all tiers. Really blows for 22/5 and 50/10 since those people would be likely to use more since they get things in faster.

But as someone once said, it's not that you use more, you just get what you already use, faster.
I have went from 1.5mbps years ago to now 16/2 and I still do real good to break 30GB per month.
I just don't have to wait as long as I did back then.

Comcast is selling speed, not volume.
Think outside the Fox... Opera
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