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Dallas, GA

Question about Atlantic Nexus as an ISP

We live up here in the sticks (Dallas/Acworth) and currently use AT&T for DSL service. By "use", I mean I use it when it's up. The service seems to drop early and often, but never for more than 10-20 seconds at a time. Unfortunately, that's enough to kill my VPN connection, hang up on whomever I'm speaking with on VoIP, etc. Highly annoying and makes working from home quite a chore.

No, I haven't called AT&T's "support" because my Indian isn't so good and I don't feel like waiting to be connected to the local support folks. Plus, I've seen other reports (on this site) stating similar issues, so I'm pretty certain it's not me. Soooooooo, I headed to DSLReports to see if I can find a decent alternative and see all these glowing reviews of Atlantic Nexus.

My questions are simple:
- does Atlantic Nexus simply redistribute AT&T DSL or do you guys handle your own service provision?
- if I'm having spotty service with AT&T, isn't it pretty likely that I'll continue to have spotty service with Atlantic Nexus, assuming you're just sending along AT&T's product?

I'm not trying to bash anyone or imply that Atlantic Nexus isn't a good company. I simply don't want to go through the hassle of switching providers, email addresses, blah blah blah if I'm just going to have the same problems.




Smyrna, GA
For what it's worth to you (essentially nothing), I have had clear sailing with AtNex from Smyrna, and I have worked from home via VPN a fair bit. I want to say that AtNex does simply redistribute, although if nothing else if you switch you can speak to AtNex's very friendly local support, and THEY can deal with the people in India reading a script.

Powder Springs, GA
reply to ghstgry
Atlantic Nexus utilizes the (local loop) phone line and the DSLAM that your modem syncs up with. Beyond this point, Atlantic Nexus uses its own routers, switches and servers. If you have any issues with your service in the local loop, we deal directly with AT&T here in Atlanta to resolve the wiring issue. As you will see from our customer comments, we have a long history of working with AT&T to resolve this type of issue. Please feel free to contact us via our webiste if we can answer anyother questions.


reply to ghstgry
FWIW, I used to be a Bellsouth, then Speedfactory customer, and switched to Atnex when Speedfactory imploded. It sounds like I had similar problems with a flaky connection that would drop frequently, and I struggled with it for YEARS while I was a BS and SF customer. After switching to Atnex, I brought it up again with them, and they actually made an effort to track down the problem, traced it to the ATT lines (Duh... I suspected that years ago, but couldn't get anyone to fix it) and they got ATT to fix the problem.

My DSL has been very reliable for several months now, and I wholeheartedly recommend Atnex.