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Twin Lake, MI

[Speed] Does Comcast Throttle Following Large Download Sessions

I've experienced what is obviously throttling following a night of downloading (more than one occasion). Three days ago I left the computer downloading overnight at an average speed of 750KB/sec and for the last 72 hours I've seen a max speed (with powerboost) of 540KB/sec and an average around 200KB/sec. My download total for the 24 hour period was 19.58GB according to my router stats and under 100GB for the month of December.

Do other Comcast subscribers experience similar issues? Could it be that I am a "high bandwidth user" for my area of Grand Rapids, MI?

Like I've mentioned already, this has happened before after a day of high bandwidth consumption. I should also note that my average monthly usage (since starting to monitor it via Tomato on my router) averages around 70GB, no where near the cap.
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