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San Diego, CA

Can't use VPN over Cricket Broadband

I can't establish a VPN connection to my office over the Cricket broadband service. I could about a month ago. Customer service won't give me a straight answer over the phone and won't respond to customer service E-mails. I am thinking of heading over to the LEAP Wireless offices to see if someone over there can answer my questions. Funny thing is that I can establish VPN connections using other broadband services (RoadRunner) on the same computers I am trying to use the Cricket broadband service on. Customer service for Cricket is terrible but I guess you get what you pay for. Anyone else have this problem?



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Im in san diego as well.

Cricket's network is not configured to allow GRE packets using protocol 47. Any PPTP will fail during authentication usually on a windows machine with error 721.

Unfortuntely Tommy a supervisor in the Kansas Cricket Support center was rude enough to set that troubleshooting cannot be done becuase;

A) Cricket does not support VPN's.. Coincidentally (» ··· search=0) Cricket states
Is my company's proprietary data secure while on the Cricket wireless network?
Cricket Broadband Service uses CDMA technology, which provides authentication and inherent data protection. However, we recommend you use a VPN and enable firewall protection to secure your information.
Funny how a "RECOMMENDED" feature is not supported.

B) His troubleshooting ended at "If you can ping the server then its not a problem with our service, this proves the route is fine"

Again funny I didnt know ICMP and PPTP run on the same port of 1723?

I suggest calling the customer service number and filing a CORPORATE COMPLAINT through a Supervisor. Ask for a callback and have them explain why it doesnt work.

If ANYONE has a PPTP VPN link working or not thru cricket broadband anywhere in the US I implore you to post here where you are and how or how its not working.

Thank you all, I have a meeting with a Regional Manager Monday to discuss this with them further ...

Tulsa, OK
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said by boomersmech:

Any PPTP will fail during authentication usually on a windows machine with error 721.
How are you both routing your VPN connections (i.e. clients, possible added routes in computers)? My Juniper VPN client from work fired right up and all the needed routes worked from day one.


I am using the basic MS VPN Client to connect. There are no added routes... I have flushed them all before attemtping a connection.. The remote server is stating that the connection is statig the inital handshake is made but it could not establish GRE Protocol.

Meaning they are not configured for PPTP/GRE protocol 47 connections.

This has now been tested on 5 computers.. 4 PC's and 1 MAC all has the same problem.

If you want to test I will give you access to my server through PM..

Tulsa, OK
I think our VPN methods are really different now that I think about it:

» ··· 0119.pdf


Cincinnati, OH
reply to boomersmech
I live in Cincinnati and I have the same problem. I got the service about 2 months ago and initially I was able to connect to my business network with VPN. I need this connection because I work from home after hours. Then it just stopped working and was getting Error 721 when trying to connect. Not only that, I wasn't able to connect to the office with Remote Web Work Place either. Finally I tried LogMeIn and most of the time, that doesn't work. I tried calling support but try to get any kind of meaningful dialogue. And I am a customer support person. This is horrible and hardly worth pursuing. I don't think they even care. At least I can cancel without a penalty. I just can't believe they would block VPN

reply to ecorona

Say, did you ever have success in getting Cricket to work with your VPN? We use MS VPN server at work and I am going to be working with our access person this week to figure out why my new Cricket Broadband card wont connect to our office VPN.

Verizons card will by the way.



San Diego, CA
I still have the same problem but I don't use it much. You can't use a PPTP VPN over Cricket because they have blocked PPTP/GRE protocol 47 connections. Their customer service is full of crap so there is no point bringing it up to them. I live a few miles from the LEAP wireless corporate offices who own Cricket but I haven't made it over there yet to see if I could get to someone that might know something. If you need to use MS VPN right now you need to use a different service.