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This is a sub-selection from Areas that get spun off


Cleveland, OH
reply to Hazy Arc

Re: Areas that get spun off

Depending on what network they say is getting the axe there. They can keep the Alltel network and move you to that network or can keep the VZ network and move you to there.

Weather they keep both of your accounts or not is still to be announced. VZW and Alltel are not saying a damn thing.

This is most likely going to be another Sprint-Nextel merger all over again.

Two companies not doing a damn thing to keep the customer upto date. VZW anyway has a history of mergers not working in their favor---anyone remember when they took over Cellular One's TDMA network and required everyone to renew under VZW? A nightmare that was for customers especially since rate plans went up.


Voorhees, NJ
Not likely. For two reasons.

1) Verizon Wireless is very good at mergers, they always are careful to cross every "t" and dot every "i".

2) This is a simple merger when you compare Nextel/Sprint. The problem with this merger was predominantly due to Nextel running an iDEN network, and Sprint running CDMA. In the Verizon/Alltel merger both predominantly run CDMA. This will only require Verizon to integrate the existing networks & billing systems, and remove redundant equipment/cell sites where they already have a network.

The issue with Cellular One was because of their TDMA network; which Verizon wanted to shut down to make it a CDMA market like the rest of their network.


Cleveland, OH
I know the difference between the networks. I stated them before.

But not telling your customers anything and you have under a week now until the merger is complete is another Sprint-Nextel merger in the works.

You have all these prepaid people from Alltel wondering if they'll get to keep their service or not due to not being in a contract. CellCo Partnership won't tell them a damn thing because they claim they don't have to. You have Alltel on the other hand claiming they don't know what in the hell is going on.

And Sprint could have completed the merger if they would NOT have allowed people to switch from the Sprint brand to Nextel. If they would have made EVERYONE move to the Sprint side after their contract expired and STOPPED signed people up on Nextel's brand Nextel would not have any new customers and would all be happy in the CDMA land.

And you claim the Cellular One problem was due to the difference. You better thank again. Cellular One didnt tell their customers anything either just like Alltel is doing. VZW didnt tell customers anything either UNTIL after the merger was done and REQUIRED ALL CUSTOMERS to sign a NEW contract just because of the difference.

I was one of those customers and it was a pain in the ass. CellCo does NOT know how to manage a Merger let alone know how to take care of their customers.