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This is a sub-selection from Areas that get spun off

Canadian, eh?

Valencia, CA
reply to NY Tel

Re: Areas that get spun off

I wonder the fate of Alltel's GSM roamer network.
I think AT&T and T-Mobile have long term contracts, but then again, if those markets are divested, will AT&T or T-Mobile pick some of them up (or Sprint pick up some CDMA areas as well)


Cleveland, OH
TM most likely has the cash to pick up the roaming network. ATT i doubt will want it due to them being invested with U-Verse and with CentUSA's merger pending i doubt they'll try and buy anything right now.

Sprint doesnt have the cash or credit to buy any of the CDMA networks.

The likely companies to pick them up especially in Ohio will be the unlimited carriers due to they don't have huge amounts of debt from non-paying customers. Revol will be the likely company to buy the Ohio networks from both Alltel and VZW which will hurt them. They really need the markets that Alltel will be spinning off to really connect their coverage.


Voorhees, NJ
reply to en102
All roaming agreements are required by the FCC's merger conditions to be maintained by Verizon Wireless until they expire.

Now, it should be understood that this only applies to areas Verizon Wireless will assume control. Divested markets are still up to the purchasing company to do what they wish.

It is very likely that AT&T will pick up these areas, and if that's the case GSM won't be leaving those areas for a long time to come.

BUT - Even if AT&T chose not to purchase them, the roaming revenue they get would probably sway the operator to keep GSM and CDMA active.