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Jamaica, NY
reply to hottboiinnc

Re: Bigger question is how in the world divestiture will happen.

said by hottboiinnc:

the unlimited companies have the money. they have less debt dut to they don't have to worry about customers going over on minutes and not paying the bills.

Revol being one of them and based in Ohio they are private and could take over Alltel Ohio that is being left to rot (which would fill a large gap between coverage areas.

MetroPCS and Cricket could do the same in other areas. Although the larger the unlimited companies get the more they'll take customers from the others. Epecially since they don't require a contract for anything. They have an open network for CDMA phones. and you can't beat $47 per month for unlimited minutes including unlimited long distance and text with calling features.
One of the ways the unlimiteds save enough money to be unlimited is by not having rural coverage. Revol/Cricket/MetroPCS all have very small urban coverage zones. Their business model specifically excludes being national carriers with large swaths of suburban and rural coverage.

US Cellular, or an auction or reverse auction RSA by RSA with mom and pop "cellular one" carriers popping up is the only hope for these. The other possibility is, they just sit there being unused, which the FCC doesn't seem the care about.


Cleveland, OH
Actually Revol has a lot of rural coverage in the Toledo market. They not only bought some of it from Cricket when they bought Cricket Toledo they are expanding it with their own cash buy buying spectrum and leasing it.

Also Revol does have Delaware Ohio which also considered rural.

Revol has hinted to many Ohio customers about taking over the networks in Ohio to almost cover the entire state; especially since they're based in Columbus.

US Cellular i don't see taking over the network or even getting customers. They're very over priced compared to what customers have now in Ohio.