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Screen tycoon
Brooklyn, NY

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reply to tmpchaos

Re: Permanent Greeting, part two

I lost my job two months ago so I used the last of the pay I got from selling all their stuff off after about 500 unsuccessful resume sendouts to buy two broken macbooks, and the parts to fix them. Sold those, bought more, and started developing good relationship with parts vendors. Now I get like 6 a week..

I decided to screw with it while watching tv or playing a game, to check some sites with during commercials/loading, ad it's a pretty cool machine. Runs logic from work nicely too. I now use them as much as my desktop even around the house.

I'm considering one for myself but since I have at least 2-3 here at any given time, that'd make no sense. I wipe the user account as I get it and before I sell it so I don't ever bother to screw around with preferences or anything, bit I have to admit, it is quite the little machine.

I still have no clue how to use half the stuff on it. After having an Inspiron 8200 for years, which was a total piece of junk, this is a welcome addition!

Thanks Steve

Welcome to the cult . . .

. . . seeking professional help . . .