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Salem, OR

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reply to FFH5

Re: Here is 1 device certified that can be used by consumers

That's like saying a full enterprise rack server can be used at the home.

Can it be used at the home? Sure

Is it expensive? You betcha

Is it practical for use at the home by home users? No

Is it practical for use by business? Sure

Besides, 1 out of 29 products being approved for use by consumers doesn't exactly inspire great odds and confidence for the consumer market. But on the other side of the coin, it is good that Verizon has allowed independent vendors to create products to be used on their network, even though it is mostly for commercial use. A lot of commercial products have a retail basis. It remains to be seen if the vendor who are creating the devices for the commercial industry sees a practical use for their product in the retail market.
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fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
This sounds exactly like CableCARD, which is largely a sham to get the FCC off the cableco's backs.