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[help] Dsl 1.5/speed package

i live in NYC, got the dsl 4 month ago. the day i installed and plugg the mordem into the router, it seem there a quite problem. i have 4 computer that r plugged in the computer. If one computer start streaming video, or downloading, the Other 3 computer speed start to go very slow and possibly internet stop working for like 1 min.Any1 know how to fix this problem?i tried with only moderm only, the connection work perfectly fine.

Bloom County

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Streaming and downloading can take up all or most of the available bandwidth for the other PC's. The 1.5 meg down is shared across all PC's connected to the connection. Each PC does NOT get 1.5 meg down all by themselves.

With QoS I believe - if the router supports it - you can throttle the amount of bandwidth the PC's get. Downside is that it will make downloading slower and streaming may not be as smooth.