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Evanston, WY

[Equipment] Choppy and indistinct on all calls

So, I have had SunRocket / Teleblend since March 2006, and I have not had many issues, but recently I have noticed that I am almost unable to even use my home phone anymore. On all outbound and inbound calls, both my voice and the caller's voice becomes very choppy and indistinct. Most of the time, the caller can only hear every third word I say... I have tried resetting my network repeatedly, I have bypassed my network and plugged the modem directly into the Innomedia, hard reset it a few times, even tried a new phone, all with the same results... Have not changed any settings, or changed ISP's, so I am kinda at a loss now... Any ideas?
My Computer: Dell Dimension 4500, w/ Pentium 4 @ 2.00Ghz, 40 Gig WDC drive, 768MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 and GVC-Realtek 10/100 NIC


Cleveland, OH
My guess is your Innomedia is going bad. That is what happened to my old Innomedia device. My calls all became choppy. I would contact Teleblend to open a ticket and ask them for a new device.


Leesburg, VA
Have you checked your internet connection? While you haven't changed your service, your service could have issues? More people have moved into your area, changes on the ISP side to lower costs, etc.

A good way to check this out is to try doing a VOIP test. You can use the following link: »myvoipspeed.visualware.com/serve ··· iad.html

Make sure you do this while you are noticing issues. Run the test. When it is finished, click on advanced, view text. Then post the text here and we can take a look at it.

Usually, choppy voice is related ISP issues and not the box. While the box may be bad, the most common issue is the ISP.