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Attempt to reset display driver failed


well as the topic says i get bluescreen with the error message "Attempt to reset display driver failed" and i get it probably everyday now. The error code is ;0x00000116
C0x856c4008, 0x8t8108 Adress 8fl0650 base at 8f802000
(i didn't get the numbers all right i think, will write it down better next time )

I got Nvidia 8800 gtx (latest driver, 12 january something)
i've had this problem for about 2 months. And the thing is, sometimes i can be without the bluescreen for 2 weeks and sometimes i get it everyday and then suddenly no bluescreen for 2-3 weeks. I checked the Windows problem-reports and in the "Windows" tab it says this "Error in the Graphic-hardware"

and the text in it (oh crap it was on swedish ;/, hope you can understand the important parts anyways ) ;

Ett problem med din grafikmaskinvara gör att Windows inte längre fungerar korrekt.

Händelsenamn: LiveKernelEvent
OS-version: 6.0.6001.
Språkvariant-ID: 1053

Filer som bidrar till att beskriva problemet

Visa en tillfällig kopia av dessa filer
Varning: Om problemet orsakades av ett virus eller något annat säkerhetshot kan datorn skadas av att du öppnar en kopia av filerna.

Extra information om problemet
BCCode: 117
BCP1: 876EC510
BCP2: 8F015650
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 00000000
OS Version: 6_0_6001
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1


Motherboard Manufacturer and Model:dont know ;(
BIOS Revision Number (if known):dunno..
CPU/Speed:2.66 ghz duo
RAM Manufacturer/Type/Module Size:-/-/4 gb-1066
CDRW/CDROM/DVD Manufacturer and Spec:TSScorp ccdvhd
Disk Drive(s): Manufacturer and Spec:AKIXGXPN IDE Controller
Video Card: Manufacturer and Type:nvidia 8800 gtx 768 mb
Sound Card: Manufacturer and Model:High definition audio device
NIC Manufacturer/Model:-
Power Supply Brand and Wattage:hx 520W
Operating System:vista 32-bit

if there is any files you would like me to upload, just tell me and i'll do it asap

thanks in advance

Bloom County
Don't know Swedish but I would see if you can get into Safe Mode. If you can, I would uninstall the video card driver (Add/Remove Programs hopefully). If that can get you into the desktop after restarting then download a new nVidia driver for the card and reinstall. Might want to run Driver Cleaner before reinstalling the video card driver.

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reply to znicker
I assume you've changed video drivers at least once in the past 12 months and you are getting the same error with all of them. It could be several things at this point. It could simply be a bad video card, motherboard, RAM or just the OS. The fact that it's random, would seem to indicate hardware failure as opposed to OS or drivers. The only real way of troubleshooting is to start swapping parts. Try a different video card if you have one available.
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reply to znicker
i found what caused the bluescreen, but not how to fix it. Well when i play dawn of war 2 and company of heroes(especially these games) and i raise the graphicsettings i will get a bluescreen, when i lower (as i done now, i haven't got a bluescreen for several days) i usually get it everyday....so you got any idea why it bluescreen when i raise the graphicsettings? and when i raise, i raise resolution and the common settings to High.

The Wonder Kitter
Missoula, MT
reply to znicker
possibly the video card is being underpowered and can not handle going to the higher resolution, or it's just overheating when you try to bump up the level. I'd get driver cleaner and uninstall the drivers, then run DC, then reinstall the latest drivers for the video card and monitor.