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united state

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Re: Jobtransfer to Atl - where to live

Basically, downtown atlanta is what you wanna avoid.

Most metro atlanta areas are okay, but AVOID clayton county. They just had their accreditation taken, and houses are gonna be worthless soon.

Dekalb county is kinda meh. Pretty big crime rate in dekalb.


I also personally don't like cobb. But cobb has good policemen, low crime rate, it's just my opinion.

Basically, atlanta's great and all, but the closer you live to it, the more it sucks.

Atlanta, GA

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At the risk of being overly defensive about a county that does have crazy politics and more than it's fair share of crime to go around, please remember that the peachpundit article is a blog, so you may run into some incendiary language and rhetoric there (no big surprise.) Just like Mark Twain said, there are lies, damn lies and statistics. That having been said, there are areas I would avoid in Dekalb County. I used to live South of Decatur for a while and will no longer do so because I do not feel safe there. Currently, I live in north central Dekalb and feel reasonably safe here (though not as safe as 20 years ago). But then, there are no $50,000 houses in my neighborhood either. I love living ITP (inside the perimeter) and save for a few failed escape attempts, I always have. If 50K were my range, I wouldn't waste my time looking ITP, but would look at Rockdale/Newton county like DeltaElite suggested. Even there, your choices will be a bit limited at 50K, like you said a damaged foreclosure could work. You might be able to do a trailer manufactured home out there for that amount.
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