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New York, NY

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[Resolved] Comcast messing with my torrent?

I've been downloading torrents for quite a while now, changing the ports on my router that I use for it here and there. All has been well until now.

UTorrent is showing that it's blocked from making outside connections, but I have port forwarding set up and all firewall exceptions set up. Is it Comcast doing something? Or is it my OS? I'm running windows 7.

EDIT: Never mind, I found that Windows 7 has a more advanced firewall that was blocking Utorrent inbound connections.

Edit 2: The port test Utorrent has shows it's open; however, within Utorrent it says no incoming connections?

Edit 3: LOL I figured it out finally. I was running Livestation in the background and that was killing my download.

Mod Note: Linked here ---> »The Bandwidth Limits/Congestion Management Topic ~sorto'
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