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Dacula, GA

Comcast Business Service

We have had Cbeyond as a provider( T1, Phone, Email) for 6 years. Our current contract is up, and we would like something faster than T1, but the next level is twice the money, so I am considering Comcast Business(16/2, Phone, email).
Has anyone used the business class from Comcast, and if so, how about a review?


Duluth, GA
So, you are going to be moving from T1 SLA based service to a best effort solution in order to trade off speed for reliability?

Of course you are far from this move and I've seen many businesses and thousands of sites do this with DSL. In fact, I've even had some be ignorant that consumer based LEC broadband solutions are without signal integrity.

Good luck on the change.

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reply to nikdo
I am actually looking at Comcast Business myself. In my office, I share an AT&T line with another employee but it is $120 a month where as Comcast is $59.00 - $89 a month and much faster speeds.
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Kennesaw, GA
reply to nikdo
I guess it depends on what you're running. I don't know what your email and phone needs are. I've been using Comcast residential for my soho office for a few years and the reliability has been close to perfect. Because of the reliability and the fact that the static ip would allow me to run our company email off it, I almost switched to Comcast Business a year ago. But I found that (for our needs) switching our domain mx records to Google Apps is a great solution for email. I have my main biz line and fax running through Vonage and an extra phone line using CDV. When you have a Comcast phone line, the equipment they set up has heavy-duty traffic shaping (even for residential) so I found it made my Vonage service stable enough that we can send/receive faxes. On the rare occasions when Comcast is down, my Vonage line automatically forwards to our cell phone. We're running our web sites from a super-reliable host, so we don't really need anything more expensive than Comcast.
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