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Brantford, ON
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Re: A good laugh, picky techs... This is for you!

Wow, judgemental people on here without knowing a thing about this company.

Sorry to revive an old thread, but I personally know the owner of this company, and he is excellent at what he does. Just because a few older pictures on his website may not look great, TRUST me, his work is excellent.

I even had them come and wire my house in Brantford, which he did an excellent job at, and charged me next to nothing to do. Why did I have him do it and not do it myself? Because he has some expensive testing equipment that I don't, and it would have cost me more to buy the assorted drill bits, and cable pulling gear than it cost me to pay him to do it.

Anyways, don't judge a book by a cover is the saying I would use here. He has LOTS of experience, and many of my employer's clients use them for cable jobs.

You don't know what kind of budget constraints the clients in the pics may have had, or downtime windows in which to move cables.

Knowlton, QC
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They say never judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to a company that I would potentially hire to do work for me, if they can't even make their cover look good, I wouldn't want them on my premise.

Budget job or not, I'd be embarrassed as hell to have pictures like that representing my company and work.

To be honest if I had been looking for work that fits their job, and I saw that site/picture-set while hunting for candidates, they would have instantly been sent to the bin.

If you're going to represent a company, represent it with good work and things you can be proud of, not nasty low-budget work like that.

Not judging a book by its cover is an ideal that I wish most the world lived by, but when it comes to business the thought changes to "Well if they can't even get the cover right, what gives me peace of mind that they're gonna get the actual job done right?"
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Richmond, VA
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All judgments aside why don't you invite your friend to post some updated pics of more of his work? Maybe even some shots of the work he did at your place.
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