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DVR fast forwarding

We have a Motorola HD DVR from Charter. My parent's Tivo allows you to fast forward through commercials (or seriously boring parts), but when you press play, it jumps back just a little-- ensuring play as soon as the show comes back. Our friend's Dish DVR has the same feature, however our HD DVR does not jump backwards a little. Is there a way to change the settings on our dvr?


Not to my knowledge. I would suggest getting a remote like a Harmony and programing it for the 30 second skip button.


Alexandria, MN
·T-Mobile US
reply to PenguinLVR
Unfortunately charter's Motorola DVR's pretty much suck feature wise (they do the job they are supposed to but without any flash or major features.)

Every other DVR out there jumps back a few seconds (TiVo, DirecTV DVR's but most cable companie's boxes don't.)

I can complain all I want to about using one of these things because I pay for it every month, hate it, and don't feel like dealing with the pain charter would cause me trying to set up a TiVoHD (my philosophy would be whatever they can screw up they would.)

Morristown, TN
reply to PenguinLVR
That is a very nice feature..

Talk to Tivo.. They patent that feature. All the DVR's that use that feature must pay Tivo a licensing fee.

Charter chose not to pay that.

Personally, I think it is wrong to have a patent on that, but, that is life.


Douglasville, GA
reply to PenguinLVR
my Moxie does, its a Motorola. however they are plagued with problems, best thing to do is see when the new DVR boxes are available in your area. I'm on my 4th box in like 6months with the Moxie's.