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Irvine, CA

MAC Address & Static IP - set up

I am looking at buying either the F5D8235-4 (which has a USB port) or the F5D8236-4.

I have 2 potential concerns. From reading the owners manual of both I see the 8236 it has Mac Address control. The 8235 does not- or does it, but just called something different (like 'Reserved IP Database')?

And can I assign static IP addresses to each of my PC's and the HP Wireless Printer?

If the 8235 does not have Mac Address Control perse, is there another option similar? I have devices such as an iTouch and a Palm that I would like to have access to my home network.


Federal Way, WA
In the 8235 Web setup page under the "Wireless" heading there is a sub-heading named "MAC Access Control". This is where you enter the MAC address of any machine on your network which will allow it on your network. Once you enter MAC address's and save any machine with out their MAC address will be denied access to the network, in theory anyway. Hope this helps.


Irvine, CA
Ended up buying the 8235 as it has the USB port.
Yes, as it turns out it does have MAC Address control.

The Owners Manual I downloaded from Belkins site was the reason for my post. That manual suggested that the router did not have MAC Address control. The Manual for the 8236 Router suggested that IT DOES.

Sure enough the 8235 does have MAC Address Control.
For what ever reason the Setup pages (the left side panel of the routers page) looks nothing like the images of the Manual I downloaded.

I have not yet set up my external hard drive to the Router's USB Port.

What is odd, is that the Belkin Wireless Utility (program) is not at all helpful. No information (any device, including this machine) shows up in the menus. Hence I don't see the point for having this utility installed on my machine. Which is XP SP3 Desktop and using the Belkin Wireless USB Adapter (F5D8055).


Boca Raton, FL

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reply to Oldgoat7
I have the DIR-655 since May 2008, it's starting to act up and I know the dlink beta forum on the side is up and arms with issues from other owners with the crop of firmwares beta releases. How good this this Belkin N+ and it's USB port also any drop in LAN/WAN or WLAN/WWAN these are the areas most users have the worst problems with. Then there is the overheating. Do you see anything signs of this?


Irvine, CA
So far I am pleased - no issues that you mentioned, but then again I have only had this a week plus.

I chose Belkin as I have had one of their earlier Pre-N's and the set up was so easy - as was this F5D8235-4.

With the USB port, you plug in any USB drive, then install the Storage Manager on your PC (and any PC in your home network). Per the Owners Manual, with a powered USB Hub, I could plug in up to 4 USB devices.

The only bummer is that a Image back up (using Acronis True Image Home) took 5 hrs. But yeah it was probably because it was done over the wireless network, where as when I connected my Western Digital Passport directly to my PC, the same back up took 1 hr.