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reply to dadkins

Re: WTF?

said by dadkins:

Scared someone might copy it?

Scared they are going to lose and it get plastered all over the net?

Edit it to make them look bad? ROFL!!! Got Mirror fools?
Nah, Scared it will reach a bigger audience, more people want hear it. The icing on the cake is..its free.

It will be more popular, a bigger hit than any of the garbage elevator music they sell using RIAA's current methods.

One is: Force people into purchasing junk my making illegal threats to sue so people cave in to their demands.

the other: Bankrupt your fans who purchase your junk music by dragging them into a court of law and dicking them around for months

Hope they press this into a cd and sell it, let it be ripped and allow it to be shared. Then we can compare record sales and profit's against the RIAA's claims about file sharing.