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Re: myfairpoint

I am having the same problem sending emails did you get a solution. One of my end users switched to the verizon yahoo account instead of changing his email and mail servers. I have followed all the stept to a T to allow Outlook to manage his mail but am not having any luck.



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FP does allow you to specify the email address that you want to display on your outgoing email. Setup for it may vary by email client. I use Mozilla Thunderbird and by clicking on "Tools" and then choosing "Account Settings" go to "Outgoing Server (SMPT)." Next to the SMPT settings click on "Edit". In the "Description" box type in the desired email address that you want your email recipients to see. Outlook Express is probably very similar in its setup.

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I went back and tried again (Outlook Express), and after some dinking I discovered I had to turn on outgoing authentication for FP's SMTP server. Once that was turned on then FP's SMTP server would accept something other than @myfairpoint.net in the sender's e-mail field. Thanks for prodding me take another look.

Of course, it would have been nice if the FP tech that I spoke with on Saturday knew that answer ...



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odd woman out

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I am using my outlook express and getting my emails in and out. However, I am not allowed to sign onto the Fairpoint Webmail -- got on once & saw that they had transferred all my delete messages to the new email files.
I would have used the fairpoint email as they have the Spam control listed --- but keep getting locked out and rejected as password rejected. So they have blown that one, impossible to get a response on the chat room to reset password - after 3 hrs twice I was booted off. Phone the same way - held on until my hand was numb - don't have a speaker phone - and then told too busy to take my call.
"My Fair Point" sounds pretty awful, after Verizon.net I
find it hard to remember the "MY" - guess I have to investigate other options for phone and email - like going to Cable.

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Im not sure
My phones have been working for 5 days without incident, and I have only had to reboot the ONT twice in that time. Progress, I guess?

Still have no @myfairpoint mail access, and did get through to FairPoint.

They may have lost my account record, apparently, and their system sees me as a new DSL customer. ~sigh~ It does make me wonder how many accounts are "lost" or mis-assigned...

Verizon is forwarding to my new address that isn't FP, and I assume that if anyone sends anything important and doesn't hear from me, they will resend or call...
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annoyed greatly

here it is Feb. 12--I'm still here but where is myfairpoint? still no mail,no access, just a not working on it. DUH!