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Phone Jacked !!!

My teleblend home phone has been experiencing strange problem since last 2 months.

Whenever I make outgoing call, even before somebody on the other end picks it up, I can hear a male voice, not the one I have called, when the person at the other end picks up the phone he can also hear this third person.

Previously this third person, used to play ads for buying some detergent etc. Now he is getting more bolder and tries to struck conversation with my wife, when she is on call.

Another things is when this third person is trying to talk the voice level of phone goes low.

I dont know for how long this third person is prying on our calls and private conversations.

Looking for help and advice.


Leesburg, VA
What type of telephones are you using? This sounds like someone is picking up your telephone calls based on some interference.


Thanks for the reply.

Got a call from Teleblend as well. (within an hours of logging a ticket, Teleblend service service rocks !!!)

They suspect, that it might be due to cordless channel interference as I live in Apartment Bldg.

How can I prevent this ?


Leesburg, VA
There are a couple of ways that you prevent this.

First, you can simply try moving your phone to a corded phone. Try making the same calls and see if you get the same problem you had before. That will tell you if it is a cordless phone issue or not.

If you notice that it does go away, then you can try switching channels on the phone. Another thing is find out what type of transmitter your phone uses. These usually are 900mhz, 2.4ghz, 5.4ghz. 5.4ghz is your best bet because it is a higher frequency and does not interfere with a lot of things. 2.4 is the same frequency that your wireless routers and the majority of cordless phones use today. 900mhz is an older phone, but still very popular. Things such as microwaves and cell phones can interfere.

I hope that helps