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Anyone else having weirdness with usenet?

I have 2 or three usenet providers that I switch between (mostly to get back posts on some that others don't carry).

Over the last 6-8 months or so, I've begun to have issues with Covad's service ONLY when I'm doing heavy Usenet traffic (downloading a TV show, large messages, or grabbing a lot of headers from one new group). If I'm doing this, Covad cuts off briefly (for about 5-10 seconds) and then comes back.

However, if I VPN somewhere else and do the same traffic via a VPN connection, it doesn't ever cut off.

I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing the same thing, or if I'm just lucky.


What Covad.net usenet server are you using when this happens?


reply to usenetuser
This isn't a Covad server. It's other Usenet servers. And it's not a disconnection with the Usenet servers, it's a complete disconnection of my DSL line.

I have no other disconnections ever. And it only seems to happen when I'm hitting a usenet server via my Covad service directly (if I VPN somewhere else, it never happens).