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Brunswick, ME
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Re: Fairpoint switched over Verizon's alias names not username

I learned an interesting tidbit tonight while on the phone for the first, second, third, fourth, no fifth time with Fairpoint over my lack of email delivery.

Apparently Fairpoint doesn't run their own mail servers they are run by hostopia.com and this is the reason that the very nice tech (contract not a Fairpoint tech) I spoke with tonight said they need to wait 24-48 hours to try and fix anything, they open a ticket with hostopia.com and go from there.

Is it normal for an ISP to outsource their email like this?

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Brunswick, ME

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I've never heard of an ISP outsourcing customers email to another company, as ISP's seem to consider maintaining their email servers as one of their most important functions. ISP's also have to keep customers email completely confidential and operating their own servers seems the best way to do that.


I went with Yahoo mail for my important email.


Brunswick, ME
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I was very surprised when told that it was outsourced. The Tech said that they (hostopia) handled at least 2 other major ISPs that they contract tech support with. It's just one more piece of the awful puzzle.

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Im not sure
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It would seem very weird to me if I wasn't a FIOS customer.

We have had a lot of phone trouble since an ONT went sour since FP took over (coincidental).

Every time I needed service, up until this "switch", FP routed through Verizon Fiber Solutions Center out-of-state. But, they made a great point of telling me that those were not *really* Verizon people- they were *really* FP employees.

The work was outsourced to Verizon, no matter how you cut it. Paint "FairPoint" on the truck that showed up, but it was still outsourced to Verizon.

I still find it highly unlikely that a company that has, in the past, rather poorly operated a disconnected series of local exchange companies in over a dozen states can possibly hope to manage these three states covering very urban to extremely rural areas.


Just as a kick, the current financials are interesting. For anyone who doesn't use this trading format, click the tab at the top (IE, "people") and you will get the current stats.

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DSL is way slower than it used to be


I have been searching for answers to this and posted a notice on our electronic staff BB this morning and found I am not alone.

Since the takeover of Verizon to Fairpoint my DSL is VERY slow. I am wondering what your response is to this.

Thanks !

Enfield, NH