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Still Pond, MD

Speed Test

I would like some help please. I maintain a pretty clean system. I'm currently
logged in on my MacBook Pro 2.6 Core 2 Duo. I subscribe to Atlantic Broadband's Preferred service of " up to 3MB down " Periodically I detect degraded service, notably slow page loading ect. Today, experiencing again long latency and slow page loading I decided to use Broadband's DLS Reports speedtest to see how my download speed was. I pegged around 1.2 - 1.5MB
down, from a NY server. From San Francisco, about .9MB Down. Having used this service before I have approached my advertised speeds of 3MB on occasion.
I called Atlantic Broadband to complain about the slow service. The technician asked me to log into the Atlantic Broadband Speed test and see what get. I did, ran the test and the test zipped above 3MB down. I told the technician I was skeptical about this test because of the empirical slowness I was really seeing and previous speed tests confirmed my observation. His reply was he could do nothing about the Slow bandwidth of Broadband DSL Reports and that was what I was seeing. I feel I got the runaround but could not argue my point. I believe Atlantic Broadband Is not giving me the service I am paying for. How can I confirm this, independent of their speed test service? Thanks for any help.

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if you dont get the speed u pay for, call them, complain.

it took me 6 months before they fixed my connection, i called every friday and made a report about my speed issues, and 1 day, six months later i wake up and my speeds are back to normal and have been ever since...

ABB contact info
Customer Care #:800-559-1746
Main Regional Office:
330 Drummer Drive
Grasonville, MD 21638
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