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Beth F

reply to Justcode

Re: Fairpoint switched over Verizon's alias names not username

Hello, I work at FairPoint. Customers who are having email migration issues who can not get through to the FairPoint Internet tech support via the 800 number, we have added Live Chat Support to www.myfairpoint.net. Customers are getting through to the online chat much quicker than the 800 number. I hope this is helpful.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your continued patience as we work through the email migration issues.

Thanks, Beth Fastiggi



I've been able to access my FairPoint email site, although no email is being forwarded from Verizon. Suggestions:

Post an email to all customers with correct information about how to set up email preferences for different operating systems/programs on their computers.

Post an email to explain what's going on... why isn't Verizon email being forwarded? Let people know how long this is going to last, and if email sent to Verizon addresses since midnight Saturday will eventually be forwarded.

Chat rooms don't work for a lot of people... use every means of communication you have available. Customers should not have to go searching for answers.


reply to Beth F

Live chat only works if someone answers.

It's 08:35 PM and Fairpoint phone support says "Due to unexpectedly high call volume we are currently unable to answer your call..." and then it hangs up.

'Unexpectedly high' ?@#!$%?

FairPoint Live Chat, first time I tried it said the expected hold time was under 1 minute. It stayed that way for over an hour until it closed itself. Trying again it now says;
"You are currently in queue for FairPoint online chat support, your request for support will be handled in the order it was received." It's been about an hour.

Got FairPoint's little red folder warning of the upcoming apocalypse several weeks ago. The web site it directed you to didn't actually work until a couple of days ago.

FairPoint took over Verizon, apparently they didn't bother to notice the little fact that Verizon gives every one a vz.... account name and directs you to create 1 or more email aliases (i.e. f.rubble2@verizon.net).

Verizon email address != vz..@verizon.net
f.rubble2@verizon.net != f.rubble2@myfairpoint.net

email -> big bit bucket in the sky.

small businesses that were using verizon.net's SMTP servers (since Verizon all but forced DSL accounts to use their SMTP servers) also -> big bit bucket in the sky.

No notice to affected customers.
No support for affected customers.

Apparently FairPoint's solution to massive FUBAR is to disconnect the support phones and avoid the Live Chat.

Yep that works....

They can tell the PUC that the number of customers complaining has dropped steadily since list weekend... cause we have stop answering our phones.

Are there any other decent DSL providers in Maine?

(former Bell Atlantic DSL customer).