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reply to Tim712

Re: Fairpoint switched over Verizon's alias names not username

said by Tim712 :

Fairpoint has had plenty of time to work out a rollover plan, test it, and make sure it was going to go smoothly. Good any good IT technician knows to test EVERYTHING thoroughly before implementing it. I'm glad I canceled my home DSL and went to cable before Fairpoint took over. Not impressed.
I don't work for FairPoint, but I'm in a closely related industry. It doesn't sound like you've worked in mass telecommunications. They may have had plenty of time, but there are certain things that you cannot possibly anticipate, when you plan performing a mass transition. You can only test so much, and it's guaranteed that something will be missed. The company has hundreds of thousands of data customers, millions of lines, and who knows how many e-mail accounts/aliases.

I can't even tell you how many times that I've gone to deploy, or upgrade equipment, and something unexpected has come up. I work on long haul lines generally, but it's equated to the same deal. You plan out for all items that you can think of, as a group, and deal with unexpected ones, or roll back. In this case, FairPoint cannot simply roll back.

FairPoint is also trying to transition from hundreds of Verizon systems to less than 100. Who knows how many undocumented e-mail aliases went through, during Bell Atlantic and Verizon's management. This is just the least of their problems, although very important.

You can plan and test all you want, but no major migration will go completely smooth. If e-mail and DNS issues go on for days, then something is truly wrong.

I would expect someone in IT to know the magnitude of this transition, or at least admit that errors would be expected. Maybe this will show people/companies how vulnerable their setups are. I'm sure that some will just blame it on FairPoint, and think an ISP change will solve all (until the same issue reoccurs).

I'm no super FairPoint fan, but how well did the Adelphia transitions go? It seems like they are at least trying, and hopefully are quick to pick up/resolve new issues. I'm not trying to make anyone's point moot, but it just gets me going me that people complain, without knowing the magnitude of what is at hand. I guess that's my fault, since I'm in the industry.

All that I'm trying to say is that it's in FairPoint's utmost interest to do their best. They aren't actively trying to lose customers here, no matter what anyone thinks. The inconvenience is not good, but just stay as calm as you can, and give it a chance. Getting mad/upset doesn't do you anyone any good. Just call in, and if you're not helped in a timely manner, keep escalating the issue until it is resolved.

/rant over