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Re: Fairpoint switched over Verizon's alias names not username

When people are saying use your vzexxxxx@myfairpoint.net name to login, they do not mean prefix 'vze' to your normal username@myfairpoint.net. They mean Verizon assigned a number to your username (alias), use that to logon. It will be a number starting with 'vze' like: vze123ab@myfairpoint.net. Also some of the accounts may also start with 'resxxxxx' so use that instead. When you were getting emails about the changeover, the email was sent to the 'vze' or 'res' address. It should be at the bottom of the email page stating the account they sent it to.

FairPoint is trying to flush these 'vze' names from the system and setup the accounts with your real username and having issues doing so. I'm sure they will get this fixed eventually before they start to lose customers. Give it till Thursday, then call them. Once you get the number to ring, you will be on hold for a little under an hour.

Also, you have to use your master account name to logon to 'manage your account', for the webmail and portal logons, you can use any of your sub accounts (it is customized to that username)