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Re: I got my email address changed

Sue...Thanks for the great suggestion to disable whatever was blocking my ActiveX download in my Norton anti virus, however that was not my problem apparently because I finally figured out how to change over manually without touching my Norton. I have Microsoft Outlook Express. I opened it up and went to tools then to accounts and then clicked the properties button. I opened the servers tab and changed my incoming server to mail.myfairpoint.net From there I changed the outgoing server to mail.myfairpoint.net..Make sure to hit ok at the bottom when both are changed..2/3 done....Next go to the "general" tab...click on it and change your email address to ....username@myfairpoint.net...click ok at the bottom and you should be in business...go to your email and see if it starts coming through ....good luck to all who try this. Seemed to have worked for me


Thanks I am up and running.


Glad to hear it moonboy....Now why they didn't just explain how to do it that way in the first place is beyond me. With no step by step instruction on how to change your settings they are asking for problems with marginally computer literate people such as myself. It's almost as if they wanted there to be trouble changing over. I'm glad I had the guts to finally try and change stuff that I thought I really shouldn't be playing with for fear of really screwing things up even worse. It seems manual was the way to go. Quick and dirty and no aggravating tech support bologna.


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Re: I got my email address changed - in Nashua, NH

Thanks!! Worked for me too. Others, if you're still stuck make sure you change your SMTP logon if you're using Microsoft Outlook. It's in a tab under your regular mail config screen when you go through Control Panel to change your settings in Windows XP.