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Jim Cluff


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reply to Dave Brooks

Re: MSN Premium customers in Nashua area - call me!

said by Dave Brooks :

I'm Dave Brooks, a reporter with the Nashua Telegraph. I want to do a story about what happens to MSN Premium after the switchover (the summary, according to FairPoint's Jill Wurm: you lose it, unless you pay extra to MSN) and I'd like to talk to some Verizon customers in southern NH who have MSN Premium - especially if you use a "msn.com" email address, rather than "verizon.net"

If you'd like to talk, email or call me - thanks!
Hi, I'm James Cluff and I am very upset at the way fairpoint (Unfairpiont) began and has continued to handle this entire so called "switchover". My wife and I both have msn premium accounts and were just made aware tonight very abruptly that our accounts have been canceled. Fairpoint had failed to mention the removal of Msn services #1. As for the email changes with the verizon.net issues I have had more than my share! 22hours logged waiting on the phone and being disconnected easily 100 times. Then the busy tone, Then the "sorry but due to the unexpected call volume blah blah blah" Tonight I embark on making 26+ hours If I can ever get through. Live chat is a joke One of the 2 times I got in on que they said I was all set, yet my username and password were incorrect. I'd go on about their past billing dilemas with my family in the past year , but I'm sure people Know where I'm coming from. It is unfair to take away services that you have had for years without notice! I am switching to comcast!
Jim Cluff - removed personal phone number
aka Mad, Pissed email: James.Cluff@myfairpoint.net if it works!