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Reno, NV

THATS IT Im looking to start a class action lawsuit!!

Sorry for the long post. this is my generic post that I want to send to people that DO NOT KNOW about caps. Seeing we all know about broadband and these awful caps (we are here on BBR) you probably know how to install and track usage. but what about Grandmothers that are getting on the net for the 1st time or beginners (they may not go over....but thay may unknowingly go over what about windows updates, viruses, antivirus updates etc. etc. etc.)

To all who are not aware ISP providers like Comcast, AT&T, Charter Communications and others are implementing Broadband Caps for usage.

AT&T is already in the process to roll out a nationwide program to cap your usage.

Reno NV is one of the trial markets that this is happening to. For instance if you have the basic 768k DSL package and go over 20 Gigabytes a month you will be charged $1.00 per GB for overage.

Now you may say, "Oh well don't go over that amount" or "Install a usage program" That is MY POINT for starting this Lawsuit. Many novice users will download a program and install it on one computer but many households have more than one computer or have Set Top Boxes that download from the internet i.e XBOX 360, Playstation 3, Tivo, DirecTV boxes etc. etc.

Also there are many websites that load video and music content that YOU do not want to watch. Why should I be charged to view (or not view in my case) this content.

If these caps are going to be implemented there needs to be one central point of entry device that could keep record of usage, for example the cable or DSL modem should have a usage calculator built in.

Would you accept a charge from your Gas, Electric, Water company for metered service without having a meter on your premises? I THINK NOT!

Also with cap's being implemented WE ARE NOT going to see a growth in our infrastructure, what will happen is people are going to say "Well we do not need to upgrade to a higher speed because we will reach our cap faster" which means no upgrades for better websites or technology that would use bandwidth properly.

We are going BACKWARDS in time. Remember when dial-up used to be metered?? at least you had a way to track to see when you called in to the access number and how long you have been on.

well enough for my rant. wish me luck and if you would like to join in let me know.