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[Newsgroups] Problems with Binsearch?

I'm having a rather weird problem with Binsearch.

Let's say I want to get S2.E11 of a particular tv show, I check the box and create the nzb. When it opens in Newsbin, it's actually S2.E10 (or 9, 8, 7, etc...). But if I download it multiple times, it eventually gets the files right. For example, if I wanted S2.E11 and the files for S2.E9 loaded the first I download the NZB, E10 will load the second time I download the NZB and finally E11 will load the third time I download the NZB. Anyone had this happen to them before?

I tried removing cookies/clearing cache in Firefox and deleting download history/sig files in Newsbin but still get this problem.

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