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Block outgoing phone calls

My last months phone bill contained some long distance phone calls that I did not make. I suspected an error with the phone company, but they insisted that I had made the phone calls and there was nothing that they can do. There was about 20 phone calls total, all going to los angeles, oakland, new orleans, atlanta and washingto d.c.. This morning I received a phone call from oakland looking for Darnell. No one in my house is named darnell and when I told the caller that they immediately hung up and wont answer when I call back. I want to be able to block outgoing phone calls to these area codes until I can figure out exactly what is going on. Does anyone know a device that I can use to make this happen?

The Antihero

Enola, PA
I don't have an answer for you, but is it possible that someone could have tampered with the box that contains your phone wiring and hooked up to it somehow?

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Conway, SC
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Did you ask the phone company to disable your long distance temporarily?

If the phone calls aren't originating from within your house, a 'device' won't help you.


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I cannot turn off my phone or long distance as I need it for business. Can I have the phone company only block certain area codes?

Sir Meowmix III

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You could have snips in the wire...

Red Box

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Do you have kids b/c they could be doing it behind your back? I used to call those 900 numbers when I was a kid.

Or, someone could be red boxing you and tapping into your NID. It is like the digital equivalent of siphoning gas.

My cousin once had his neighbor sneak into his basement while he was on vacation and tap into the punchdown. He proceeded to run a wire across the yard and into his house. For a week after he got home he would sometimes pick up the phone and hear someone on adult chat lines. His wife experienced it too and thought it was him and they had a huge fight. Anyway, they finally noticed the phone cable going across the yard (the neighbor had hidden it in the tall grass), realized what was going on, and ended up getting him arrested. I think he actually did time to b/c he was making interstate calls and so they got him on the federal statutes.


Brooklyn, NY
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I know with some phone companies that can put a PIN on your long-distance that you have to enter before you dial long-distance.

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Right now there is no way to block calls to specific area codes. It is possible someone is plugging into your line and making the calls; this is especially so if you live in an apartment or similar high-density housing.

Also, if you have one of the older analog cordless phones, a neighbor with a similar cordless phone can be on the same channel as yours and unknowingly making calls on your line. Likewise, you may be making calls on his.

The odds of a billing error that randomly charges multiple calls to strange numbers is nearly zero, so there must be a logical explanation for the calls. Even of the phone company gave you a refund, they are not going to do it every month so ultimately you have to resolve this.

You might want to block long distance outright and use a cellphone for long distance. If money is an issue, prepaid cellphones can be had for as little as $10.



I just learned my neighbors cousins name is Darnell! You guys are right, someone from that house is haxing my phone wire.

I just went over and talked to Jamal the owner of the house and he denied knowing anything. Please someone help me stop them. Do you think they have dug in there backyard and found my wires?

I have noticed a lot of suspicious activity going on over there, lots of old cars coming and going. I am thinking about setting up a video camera pointing into there house to see what they are doing. Does anyone know if this is legal? Also I do not like calling the police but they always have loud rap music playing till early in the morning, I did not have a problem with it until my kids complained of not being able to go to sleep. Since they are messing with my wires do you know where I can dig in my backyard to possibly find the wires powering they're loud music?

Thank you for all for your help


Cary, NC

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Your neighbor is "stealing" from you (perhaps unknowingly). Tell the phone company thay they are responsible for those calls and ask them what to do.

You should not initiate anything on your own directly with the neighbor other than what you have done already.

The phone company is not a stranger to this issue.

You might be right, but, I don't care
Carson City, NV
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Real simple answer,
Get a new number!

legal advizor

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If your neighbor might have money, get a private investigator and when you get enough evidence, get a lawyer and sue his a$$ off.

If he doesn't have money, throw a blanket party.

If you don't have money, forget the blanket party and call the cops so you have proof to the telco that you didn't make the calls and you don't have to pay.

Your talk about security cameras indicates to me that you may have money or are willing to spend it in the name of justice. Legally, you can do pretty much anything you want as long as it is on your own property.

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Martinsburg, WV

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said by Mickeyme3:

Real simple answer,
Get a new number!
Not worth it, they will still use his connection.

Steamboat Springs, CO
reply to Phone_Man
ask your long distance phone company to add validated account codes to your lines. after a phone number is dialed, the long distance carrier will return a tone. Then you key in the pre-arranged code number. If you don't know the code, the call won't go through. when the neighbor attempts to hijack your line, the account code will prevent the call attempts from going through.

Or, if you have cable broadband, you could switch your home phone service to a VOIP provider (Vonage, Packet 8, etc.) which would make your Bell phone line go dead, and the dudes won't be able to tap into your billing.