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Re: Well,

Let's see. Logic 101:

Terrorism Does not happen every Day.
Terrorism in the U.S. has killed 3000 people, one time. 2001.
Terrorism can be argued to not just be a massive attack and there by making the above not true.

See this is where it gets trick. I can argue a School shooting is terrorism. After all, Kid with gun goes in for an ideological reason, to cause fear and harm others en masses. By all definitions, that's terrorism. So if you want to go on that ground, we've had about 5 or 6 TERRORIST attacks on American Soil by our own hands.

Now that also applies to work place shooting. The minute said Nutjob comes in wielding a gun to kill many, you have the rudimentary definition of terrorism.

On a Grander scale, Timothy McVeigh, Unibomber, Eco Terrorism, etc are American style acts that more closely fit the bill.

So in close summation. We've had World Trade center #1 which killed like 8 people in the 1990s and Sept 11th that killed 3000.

On the flip Side we've had all those ones I listed above by Americans. NSA wiretapping is going to solve those events how?

Best yet, I hope this systematic and timely explanation sinks in. Why do you want big brother in your life. Is the government's job to keep you safe?

If so. Outlaw cares. Save 40,000 People's lives a year. If no cars, then people can't die in Automobile Wrecks. If no weapons, people can't go on shooting sprees and murders. Hard as hell to kill 20 people with your fists or a heavy stick. Hell, outlaw guns and knives, bows, and anything deadly. Watch how quickly murder takes a plunge. After all, you want the government to do everything for you. So on your rationale, it's their job to keep you safe at ALL COST.

Turn in your car keys, weapons, kitchenware, etc. Big brother promises you safety!

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This is a sub-selection from Well,