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Louisville, KY

Would have been better, IF Insight had kept appointment.

Last week, with the ice and all, I had a limb come down and drag my power line down, not disconnected, but way down too close to the ground, and along the way, it pulled my Insight cable all the way off. Since the power line was so much of a hazard, I waited until it had been put back up before calling Insight and telling them it was okay to come out and put my cable back up. That was the evening of the 30th, and I got an 'appointment' for the morning of the 6th. While not exactly happy that I'd be without tv and highspeed internet for a week (more), I was willing to live with it. I was told then, that since it was an outside job, they didn't need anyone at home at that time. I got home today (the 6th) after work [yes, like many I work during the day], and tada.... Nothing has been done. In fact, I call the automated line to check my 'appointment' and it's been set to the 14th?!??! This is after I had a message on my machine yesterday (5th, day before appointment) 'confirming' my appointment and saying that if I needed a reschedule or cancel to call back. Well, I didn't need a reschedule or cancel, so I didn't call back. But later yesterday evening, I get a strange call from Insight Communications (caller ID), I answer and there's no kind of response at all. It's like the line is dead. So, now I have no idea when they are going to get my line back up. It's probably a good thing they stopped doing the "we'll be there when scheduled or you'll get a $xx credit to your bill."

I understand that it's rough.... But, if you make an appointment, it should be kept, without any lame excuses like, well, you rescheduled, right? Which they did ask me if I had rescheduled.

This above all else makes me think about changing to another internet provider and tv provider. I've not had my phone line dragged down at all during my time at this house, and I've had my cable line dragged down 5 or 6 times now.