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This is a sub-selection from Well,


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Re: Well,

Yes.. We caught MANY of the Nazi Conspirators and put them on trial in the Hague. We also had Milosevic and Radivik (spelling) on trial there too. Justice isn't perfect. People run from it all the time. So what's your point? We haven't caught Osama Bin Ladin. The Powerless poster child of Al Qaeda. Like capturing him will suddenly end the group? Listen smart one, people elude justice. It's a part of life. However, when captured, you send them through the system. We did it to the Nazis, The Serbs, and we can do it for these guys who PALE in comparison. Hitler killed 6 million with the Nazis. Milosevic 200,000. These guys are boy scouts when compared.

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This is a sub-selection from Well,