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[ex-VZ] After Fairpoint cut-over my TIVO won't update anymore

I can't connect to the phone line, so no programs can be downloaded. Last connection was 2/3/09. I've already spoken to 3 people at TIVO today and tried everything they told me to try.

One thing a tech person told me was maybe the Fairpoint change was a problem. Do any of you know about any problems related to TIVO? I tried using the DSL filter on the line to the TIVO (the filter I have is only on the phone line right now, so I just moved it to try to connect), no success. I've rebooted a few times. Once rebooting with the telephone line unhooked and then plug it in as advised, no success. I've tried changing the dial number, I have a wall waiting prefix.

TIVO customer service seem to think that my problem could be the
Verizon to Fairpoint transition. My last download was Feb 3 which I'm
told was a transition date in this area.

They suggest I call Fairpoint to check on if they still use DSL and
that they don't use digital phone lines. I'm told TIVO doesn't work
with digital.

They also asked me to try a few more connection things before I decide
it's the TIVO unit.

Have any of you heard of Fairpoint problems with TIVO. I only heard
of email problems.

Just Because

Vernon, VT

Re: [ex-VZ] After Fairpoint cut-over my TIVO won't update anymor

From what you are saying I am going to assume you are using the dialup modem in your Tivo to connect for updates?? If so nothing in that regard has changed. The lines did not become Digital. Do you have a dialtone at the jack you are plugging your TIVO into and can you make calls on that jack? What is a 'Wall waiting prefix'? Do you mean call waiting prefix *70? If so, pick up a phone and dial it...you should get a beeping dial tone back to a steady dial tone. If you do not get this, call waiting is not on your line and having the TIVO dial it before it dials the number will not let the call go thru, so take the prefix out of the TIVO for now.

I suppose that during the transition that feature may have come off your line but it seems unlikely.

Reply back here and let me know if that worked.



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After Fairpoint cut-over my TIVO won't update anymor

I am having the exact same problems, and the Tivo people are unable to help me. They suggest I switch from DSL to a cable connection.

Milford, NH
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Re: [ex-VZ] After Fairpoint cut-over my TIVO won't update anymor

Does phone work normally and you are just having trouble with TIVO or is phone inoperative?

Dial TIVO number from a phone and see if you can connect to TIVO service? I assume this is an toll free 800 number, perhaps FairPoint is having problems translating 800 numbers.

Do you have DSL in addition to voice phone service? If so either need to use a whole house POTS/DSL splitter or an in-line DSL filter on all none DSL device including the TIVO.



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TIVO is now working. The dial-in number in my area is down, so I had to dial-in to a different number for the meantime. Reported issue to TIVO.