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reply to JonRup

Re: wtf? there are so many things wrong with this...

I do not think they plan on having any type of 'real' tracking tool for bandwidth usage -- and this whole plan IMO is designed to thwart the pirates, lessen the burden on the pipes, and also make legit good customers pay a moderately higher (or much higher) bills with the metered billing and overage charges with will inevitably come with the lack of a proper tool and a silly a55ed 5-10GB cap. By the time someone with a large STEAM game library DL's all the games on a new OS format and you do a bit of online TV watching your bandwidth will be used up.

I think what the industry will see is a HUGE shift back to telco but lower spec DSL will become like the old dial up and everyone will be using it and getting off of cable HSI. Of course after some time the DSL telcos will institute the same caps, but they won't attempt to do that until they nab a good share of the cable HSI customers.