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TDS Actiontectec GT701D Modem and Off Topic Question

Does anyone know what the default user name and password is for the TDS Actiontec GT701D ADSL modem that is being issued to new customers?

I have tried (admin, admin), (admin, password), (admin, password1), and (admin, 1234). I have also tried the actual email password with the actual email user_name and user_name@tds.net after thinking about a response from keebler83 on the C version.


As an off topic aside, I could also use the email address for TDS support for their analog TV cable? The TDS web site has forms and email addresses for telephone and ADSL support but not for their TDS analog cable.

We have lost our TVGOS and time signal information and after several telephone calls to support they either do not know what I am talking about, or when they think they do, they respond with “we have not changed anything at our end” so the problem must be elsewhere.

Unfortunately I think not changing anything is the problem. This is an analog cable and the TVGOS information was originally included in the video blanking interval of the off the air analog signal and passed along the analog cable. Now I suspect they are taking the off the air signal in digital format and the information is in the program and system information protocol (PSIP) digital stream but they are not converting it along with the rest of the digital signal when they they put it on the analog cable.

My thought is an email might get passed along up the ladder until someone that knows what is really happening receives it. I know it is a long shot because the standard canned response for even the most simple of requests is “Due to the complexity of this problem, please call in so one of our analysts can further assist you in resolving the problem“ and I will be back at square one (sigh).

If you know of a more appropriate place or forum to ask this question, I would be happy to move this topic there.


Sunnyvale, CA
User name and password should be admin and password. If that is not working, the settings were probably changed. You'll need to restore to factory defaults. However, you will lose any other changes that you have made to the router.

Hope this helps!