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Bangor, ME


Has anyone heard anything about when FairPoint is suppose to have thier online bill pay section up and running?


I was told by Fairpoint that online billing setup by Verizon was obsolete and they would have a new system ready to use in January.....in January I asked them again and they said Feb....today it still doesn't work, in fact I tried to call and pay over the phone and it said my account was not valid...?? So, they won't be getting a payment this month! Verizon was way better than this Fairpoint.

Too many cats, Too many mice
Im not sure
reply to pcme2000
They told me that it would be working by mid-February. It doesn't appear to be...


Bangor, ME
reply to mrwintr
Same here. I called yesterday 2/27/2009 and they said that they still didn't have a clue when it was going to be up and running.

Ted in VT

reply to pcme2000
I just spoke with Fairpoint customer service about incorrect billing for my DSL. I asked about internet phone bill payments and the girl said they were told it would be up in March 2009. No other detail was available.


united state
My latest bill said my credit card would be automatically billed on 2/15 (as it had been by VZ for the past 2+ years). 3/1 arrives and still no charge came through.

I called billing (got through on 2nd try, because the 800 number listed on my bill is disconnected, that's too funny) and first they said billing is running about 15 days behind. I pointed out that we are already past 15 days. I was put on hold and upon rep return I was informed that they are 30 days behind and I should see the charge come through on 3/15.

Then I asked if I would therefore see 2 charges on 3/15 (one for old bill, one for new) This threw the rep for a second, but then she countered that the billing cycle was being modified and I would not see the next bill in that time frame.

The sheer number and breadth of Fairpoint problems is amazing. They should have tested the switchover out on a few hundred volunteer customers during the interim, instead of throwing the switch all at once.


Brunswick, ME
FairPoint said they were to start their regular billing cycles this week, which appears would be the first bills many customers have received since the transition.