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Horrible call quality.


Calling India gives me horrible call quality. The person I am calling can understand my voice perfectly, but when she talks to me, its horrible call quality. It's like packets are not being received fast enough, so the call breaks up.

I've tried changing phones, turning off and turning on the voip device.

All my computers are off so no network traffic is causing the problem. I've tried plugging the teleblend deivce directly into my modem and calling from it. Still same quality issues. Any ideas?



It's very weird, its like the call breaks up. Whenever she talks, I can only hear pieces of the words she says.

I really wish teleblend had 24 hour customer support. At least if someone is there they can try to reset things, or check logs or something to give an idea of what's going on...


reply to tbuser11

skype sounds clear.

sometimes I don't get ringing tones at all on teleblend. When I do get tones, even the tones are breaking up till you cant even recognize it's ringing tones.