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Re: Huh?

said by pizz:

said by verolom:

None of the five categories listed have much to do with broadband. We are #1 in absurd claims and delusions though.
Welcome to the United States of Quackery.
LOL! Where facts are based on deception that are 100 percent madeup from thin air to keep American smiling while receiving really slow broadband service at higher cost then it does for the average japanese, korea, swedish, or netherland. I call it turtle broadband for the uninformed
Download is adverised while upload is kept hidden
Many of us believe that something like 10/1 is 10mbit
6/1 is 6mbit

They are not the same as 10/10 or 6/6
This is only true if you are downloading but when you upload its only a fraction of it

This is how americans are deceived and mislead due to false advertisement

50/20 is not same as 50/50 their is a world of difference
50/5 or 50/10 is not same as 50/20

When the upload is much lower then download, it is inferior
100/1 is next to useless IMHO cause all you can get out of it is 20mbps while 5/5 or 10/10 is a lot more useful

Not only is our broadband in America slower, our upload is always handicapped by only a fraction of it to compensate for the advertised speed which is based on how fast you can download from shady company whos motive is money not good service.