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This is a sub-selection from Not apples here.


Brooklyn, NY
reply to probboy

Re: Not apples here.

said by probboy:

OK, using publicly available information, with a citation, please tell me one rural area where Verizon sells FiOS. By rural, I mean a place where we are talking single digit numbers of houses per mile of road (I'm using the east coast definition of rural--I'm sure some of our friends out west would think that's downright urban )--places that ever cable doesn't service because it isn't economically feasible.

I'll wait...

...give up? That's because they haven't deployed FiOS anywhere remotely considered rural--and they never will (witness the sale of Verizon's VT/NH/ME business to FairPoint).
I don't really see what are you challenging... did you understand my point actually?
[BQUOTE=[user=bicker]]Waaaa waaaa waaaa. You just want what you want and don't care to factor in what is right or true. Your perspectives are un-American, and deserve far more ridicule than I'm prepared to pile on them.